As part of my Pinhole project I decided to make some solargrams. These are long exposure images,from 1 day to 6 months, directly onto photographic paper.They do not need processing as the light inside the camera will create an  image on the paper.The path of the sun can be seen tracking across the image if they are left for long enough.

2 Day Solargram Negative
2 day Solargram

The image created in the beer can is not stable.Once you have your image it needs to be scanned and inverted and probably the levels adjusted.It is best to do this in low light as further light exposure will degrade your negative.

I used glossy paper for this as it was the right size and some old paper someone had given me.I had read that it shouldn’t be use but as i was experimenting I thought I’d give it a go.

I have put 12 beer cans around the area I live and will be leaving them in situ for 3 months. I am  hopeful that some will last out.

This is one  of three I put at Haden Hill Park in Cradley Heath with their permission.One has sadly disappeared after 5 days.Fingers crossed for the others. 


.IMG_1537  This one lasted about 12 hours on  Bristol Road in Cradley Heath

Luckily they are cheap to make, but I am disappointed when I see them deliberately ruined like this.

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