The Oss Box

I belong to a small volunteer group of artists, writers and local historians called Cradley Heath Creative based in Cradley Heath in the West Midlands.

Vicki Fran Tim
Vicki, Tim and Fran

Our main aim is to promote creativity in the local area and encourage local arts and arts events.We meet up once a month at the Holly Bush Pub in Cradley Heath and we have bought a horse box-The ‘Oss Box- which one of our members ,Tim Tolkien,is converting for us, by opening up one side so that it can be used as a stage.The plan is that local artists can use as a small venue,arts or exhibition space or hopefully other things we haven’t thought of.

Oss Box Shadow Puppet Theatre

Fran and Tim Jarvis used it as a Shadow Puppet  during the Christmas Lights turn on in Cradley Heath.


The Holly Bush- Home of Cradley Heath Creative.

download (1)
Our ‘Oss Box

grass roots

After the success of “Locked In” last year,we have our second free arts festival at The Holly Bush,  with the Oss Box making its stage debut. Sadly it probably won’t be up to supporting a Flamenco Dance Troupe as yet but maybe next year….

Good Looking Bunch At The Bush


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